Regional Engagement

Founded in 1887 to supply the coalmining industry and the people in the Ruhr Valley with water, GELSENWASSER is now one of Germany's leading water providers. Apart from performing its routine operations, a continuous engagement for the people in the region and their environment has, at all times, constituted an integral part of its business. It has always been a tradition at GELSENWASSER to provide financial, journalistic and organisational support for numerous social and cultural projects in the municipalities of its supply area.

Since 2003, this engagement has been focussing on a corporate-social-responsibility project. All 930 schools in the GELSENWASSER Group supply area have received financial support amounting to a total of 5 million euros. Currently, the company promotes community projects aimed at an improved coexistence between young and old. 2 million euros have been allocated to this project until 2011.

Additionally, the company has been supporting cultural institutions. This includes, e.g., the Konzerthaus in Dortmund, the Consol Kindertheater and the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen.